Our experienced team will help guide you to make your event the best it can be.

Because we understand that each event has individual requirements, we work with you to customise your event, conference, meeting, seminar, product launch or workshop. We can suggest and recommend a range of activities, options and unique ideas to ensure it is successful and memorable.

Kyrie-Beth McElwaine – Business Development Manager

From a young age my favourite games involved customer service, from the grocery store setup in our lounge room, to a tour guide through our zoo of stuffed animals. I loved the thought of brightening someone’s day with fun-filled and creative ideas.

My working career started in restaurants, where my understanding of customers and their experience really flourished. I moved to a bar and restaurant position, throwing myself into the deep end with very late nights, and very early mornings. This is where I found my feet organising all of the restaurant’s events, including charity shows for Beyond Blue.

I honestly believe working in Hospitality is incredibly rewarding and everyone should try it at some stage in their lives! My path lead me to a position at a beloved micro winery in Currency Creek were I progressed as a Wedding and Events Coordinator. This really challenged my abilities and allowed me to grow further in myself, and in my career.

After completing my Advanced Diploma in Business Management, it was time to travel for a year, and explore America and Canada. I worked in hotels, and continued to expand my experience in the events world, including organising frequent trips to Hockey Games. I spent my time snowboarding, camping, exploring and building strong relationships with people from all over the world – whom I miss so very much!

I have an obsession to delve deeper and expand my knowledge on anything that catches my attention. Working as a BDM at Mount Lofty House gives me this opportunity. I look forward to the doors this position opens and the people I have the pleasure to work with.

Jesse Kornoff - General Manager

At age 4 I signed my first contract with my mother to pack away my spaceship in the lounge room every day and from that day forwards I have always loved making deals. I have always been drawn to fine dining and five star hotels so I guess its no surprise that I now find myself leading the team here at beautiful Mt Lofty House.

After finishing school I started a business with a friend however once the business started to become successful the challenge was gone. I really wanted to focus on a people industry as I loved dealing with people and really making the difference to peoples experiences. I left the business to my friend and started work in hospitality carrying plates at the Duxton Hotel in Perth. Over the course of the next twenty years as my career developed around Australia and NZ I developed a love for food and beverage and specifically wine. Seriously whats not to love? I am a firm believe that the difference in a good experience and an amazing one comes down to the people you interact with and also the unique experiences on offer.

While I have worked for 500 room resorts and city hotels, the majority of my career has been in boutique hotels with unique conference experiences and top end restaurants. When I heard about what was happening here at Mt Lofty House I had to be part of it. I look forward to making your special occasion, wedding or conference a magnificent memory.

Executive Chef – Girard Ramsay

I completed my apprenticeship at the Delta Bessborough Hotel in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. It wasn’t until I moved to Vancouver British Columbia where I honed my craft working in some of Vancouvers top Hotels and restaurants.

I commenced my working portfolio in Adelaide at the Grange Jetty Kiosk and later resided at the Pier Hotel in Glenelg. After a number of years working at beachfront venues I decided to make the move up the hill and it was in 2010 I joined the Mount Lofty House family.

I enjoy having access to the freshest of produce and utilise local products as much as possible when creating menus. I enjoy cooking for people and seeing the enjoyment they get from the food I prepare.

On a personal note something quirky about me and I’m sure the team at Mount Lofty House can confirm that I am working on my collection of “Dad Jokes”