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3 Ideas That Will Make Your Wedding Day Fun And Memorable


There is always so much to think about when planning a wedding. The catering, the photographer, the dress and the invitations are only a few of the big ones that take up most of your attention and energy in the planning process, leaving little room for those other small but important things. The finer details that give the day that little bit of extra personality and uniqueness are often overlooked. Here are a few easy ideas for those other things that will make a big impact.


Leave a few disposable cameras on every table so guests can get their own snaps of the day as a wonderful and interactive way to get them engaged in the festivities. Putting a guest fill-in-the blanks at every table place is another fun activity. You can also have a personalised guest book, maybe one that you or your beloved have personally scrapbooked with photos of your guests or other details that give it that edge on a run-of-the-mill store-bought guest book. Then just leave it out for your guests to sign and record their memories. 


Everyone knows it’s the entertainment that makes the party. Keeping your guests entertained is a sure-fire way to make your wedding day one to remember. You want to keep the ball rolling when it comes to the entertainment side of things, to maintain that party mood. If you’re hiring a band, why not also hire a DJ for in between sets so your guests can continue to request songs and dance the night away! 


If you’re having an outdoor wedding, hiring a food truck is a fun and hassle-free option when it comes to catering, plus it offers a unique touch to the day. Otherwise, why not get a jumping castle? It will keep the kids entertained (and those who are kids at heart!) and provide a great talking piece and ice breaker. You’d be surprised how affordable it is to hire a food truck for catering or a jumping castle for the day, so why not take the plunge? 

At Mount Lofty House, we know how to do weddings. Call us up to discuss our wedding packages and services, or book a viewing to see for yourself why so many happy couples have chosen us for their special day.

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