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3 Tips for Your Outdoor Wedding


As the months start to heat up, and the flowers have bloomed, there is no better time for an outdoor wedding! They’re fresh, romantic and insanely beautiful, allowing your guests to enjoy the serenity of your venue and your special day.

There are a few tips to ensure that you get the best out of your outdoor day, and make sure your outdoor wedding runs smoothly.

  1. Plan for The Weather

Is it set to be a boiling hot day? A little nippy? Plan ahead, and make sure that you and your guests are comfortable for the ceremony. If it’s hot, consider having bottles of cooled water handed out and encourage your guests to be sun smart. You could even have some delicious icy poles waiting as guests arrive (which will subside any hangry people before the reception).

In the case that your ceremony may be on the cooler side, look at renting electric stand heaters (if your venue allows), or providing some blankets for guests to cover themselves with. Little touches like this go a long way, and will ensure your guests are comfortable.

Also ensure that you think of a backup plan in case the weather turns, whether this be moving the wedding indoors or hiring a gazebo.

  1. Plan for wind

We can’t control all weather conditions, and strong winds are a tricky one! Make sure you take the appropriate steps in the preparation for the day. Tell your hairstylist that your wedding is outdoors, and ensure they secure your, and your bridesmaid’s, hair properly. Also make sure the dress you have chosen for yourself and your girls are appropriate for the outdoors to avoid any Marilyn-esque moments.

  1. Décor

A plus side to an outdoor wedding is the incredible natural beauty that already comes with the venue. From sweeping hills to the gorgeous vineyards and countryside, there is little need to fully deck out your outdoor wedding. Visit the site before your wedding and check that the grass is clipped, the leaves raked and the flowers thriving. Look at little touches you can include in the space, and highlight the natural beauty of the area itself.

To book a perfectly picturesque wedding venue, get in touch with Mount Lofty House in the Adelaide Hills. We have a variety of packages available for outdoor ceremonies, and if you make an enquiry we will be happy to discuss your special day.

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