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5 Musts for Your Reception


It’s time to celebrate your love with your friends and family in the festivities that circle your wedding reception.

The reception is the perfect place to add those beautiful personal touches, truly enveloping your guests in the striking personalities both of you have. These can be done simply with small embellishments, or can be extravagant extras to wow the crowd.

There are a few things that every wedding reception must have, things that will elevate your reception to the next level!

  1. Funny Favours

Wedding favours are something that every couple gets stuck on. Typically, favours are a take home treat that reminds your guests of the fabulous wedding, a little keep sake. These can be funny or thoughtful, a trinket or a treat. Doughnuts, cake recipes in a jar, sugared almonds or hot chocolate mixes are some great favours for your guests. Alternatively, you can gift them plants or candles with your initials on the pots they come in!

  1. Kids Table Entertainment

If you are having children at your reception, plan ahead. Have some fun activities planned for those little tuckers so that their parents can truly enjoy your wedding without worry. Have packs made up with colouring books, little games and toys. If you have the space, you could even consider a movie viewing in a separate room to entertain them.

  1. The Perfect Playlist

Whether you’ve hired a band or a DJ, you need to make sure that your own music tastes are reflected in your playlist. The entertainment is one of the most memorable features of your reception, and the last thing you want is everyone in their seats instead of on the dance floor. Include those past and present hit songs to have your guests dancing into the night.

  1. Lounge Areas

An informal lounge can allow your guests to mingle in a relaxing way. Instead of having your guests go to and from their tables all night, they can congregate around a few armchairs, beanbags or unplanned seating area to chat and catch up.

  1. Have a set list for the night

Let guests know what is happening and when it is happening so that they can plan their nights too. Having a set list at each table can keep your guests in the loop, and allow you to have some control over the night. However, leave out a special surprise entertainment piece and catch your guests off guard so that they feel special and wowed!


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