Fowlers Vase Medium Teal - Madeline Prowd

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Madeline is an early career glass artist, currently working out of Adelaide, Australia.

Madeline is heavily influenced by traditional Italian glassblowing techniques and the technical proficiency inherent in the process of making. She strives to make work that incorporates an element of the handmade.

Studying under Richard Whiteley, Nadege Desgenetez and Brian Corr, she received a Bachelor of Visual Arts from the Australian National University in 2009. Madeline then relocated to Adelaide to undertake the two-year Associate Training Program in the Glass Studio at JamFactory. She has worked for numerous artists at ANU and Canberra Glassworks including Nadege Desgenetez, Brian Corr and Simon Maberly. Madeline was granted the Pilchuck Glass School scholarship in 2010, attending Italian maestro Davide Salvadore’s class. Madeline works as Assistant Technician in JamFactory’s Glass Studio and runs her practice from an independent studio at JamFactory.

Product Information:

  • Hand blown glass
  • Australian made
  • Uniquely individual
  • The perfect gift for someone special
  • Dimensions: 150 x 150 x 350mm


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