Paper Vase Tall Grey - Noah Hartley

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Noah Hartley is an emerging Adelaide based Glassblower, Designer and Artist. After receiving a Bachelor of Design Arts from the Australian National University School of Art and Design, Noah relocated to Adelaide to undertake a two year Associate Training Program in the Glass Studio at JamFactory. Noah’s practice is heavily influenced by the rich history of blown glass. Drawing from the extravagant opulence of traditional Venetian glassware, His work makes use of historic glassblowing techniques to achieve contemporary design outcomes.

Noah designed the Paper Vase to emphasise the material qualities of glass, as well as the tools used during the glassblowing process.

Each vase is individually hand blown into the recycled newspaper mould. The hot glass takes on the texture of the mould, while the heat and pressure produced by the glass burns away and pushes against the layers of newspaper. The form of the mould changes with each consecutive use, making every vase entirely unique. Made to order in limited, small batch runs, ensures that no material is wasted.

Paper Vase was shortlisted for this 2020 digital edition of Australian Design Centre WORKSHOPPED21: New Australian Furniture, Lighting and Object Design.

Product Information:

  • Hand blown glass
  • Australian made
  • Uniquely individual
  • The perfect gift for someone special
  • Dimensions: 100 x 65 x 285 mm


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