Our experienced team will help guide you to make your event the best it can be.

Because we understand that each event has individual requirements, we work with you to customise your event, conference, meeting, seminar, product launch or workshop. We can suggest and recommend a range of activities, options and unique ideas to ensure it is successful and memorable.

Amanda Green – Conference & Events Manager

I was fortunate to be raised by parents who believed it was the people and connections you made in life that would provide true happiness & fulfilment.

My father was the consummate sales professional, it was always about the relationship never about the sale.

My parents were flamboyant & charismatic and people were drawn to them, guests were always welcomed. My mother prided herself on being able to produce exciting canapes or a 3 course dinner from what was in the pantry when unexpected guests would arrive.

I guess it was no surprise that I was ultimately drawn to a career in hospitality sales. After starting my career as sales executive in communications, I followed my passion and worked for over a decade in the wine industry in supply and also in the adrenaline fuelled arena of wine brokering.

Finally I found my niche in hospitality and Conference & Event sales. After roles representing two hotel groups, I was thrilled to join the team at Mount Lofty House.

Mt Lofty House has an absolute focus on the highest quality conference and dining & wine experiences. With all that Mount Lofty offers I can really use my creativity to build a vibrant & stimulating conference or event. Please come and see me for a coffee or a wine and lets discuss your special event.

I would love to show you through our House and introduce you to our talented team!

Jesse Kornoff - General Manager

At age 4 I signed my first contract with my mother to pack away my spaceship in the lounge room every day and from that day forwards I have always loved making deals. I have always been drawn to fine dining and five star hotels so I guess its no surprise that I now find myself leading the team here at beautiful Mt Lofty House.

After finishing school I started a business with a friend however once the business started to become successful the challenge was gone. I really wanted to focus on a people industry as I loved dealing with people and really making the difference to peoples experiences. I left the business to my friend and started work in hospitality carrying plates at the Duxton Hotel in Perth. Over the course of the next twenty years as my career developed around Australia and NZ I developed a love for food and beverage and specifically wine. Seriously whats not to love? I am a firm believe that the difference in a good experience and an amazing one comes down to the people you interact with and also the unique experiences on offer.

While I have worked for 500 room resorts and city hotels, the majority of my career has been in boutique hotels with unique conference experiences and top end restaurants. When I heard about what was happening here at Mt Lofty House I had to be part of it. I look forward to making your special occasion, wedding or conference a magnificent memory.

Executive Chef – Amit Laud

By far the most important lesson I learnt was also my very first, taught by my grandma, Aai. As a young budding chef at the mature age of 8 I attempted to make my first fried eggs, over easy, my favourite. The eggs were cracked ever so slowly on top of lightly buttered and oiled fry pan, seasoned perfectly. Despite following all instructions my first attempt ended in a culinary disaster. I turned to Aai for advice and she suggested lovingly that maybe the next time I cook eggs I should try turning the stove on, even if it the recipe in the book doesn’t say so. I learnt that day, in cooking as in life, details matter, even the most common trivial seeming ones. I grew up in India and spent half a lifetime cooking through the Middle East, New Zealand and various regions of Australia. After having some interesting experiences working at the Burj al Arab in Dubai, a luxury exclusive boutique lodge patronised by royalty in NZ, Marriott in Melbourne and most recently MONA in Tasmania, it is hard to buttonhole my style of food. It is influenced by all the different ethnicities of chefs that I have had the privilege of working with and the knowledge of some really passionate foodie amateurs that I have had the honour of learning from.

Lauren Modra

I believe that being organised is the key to success, in fact I get a lot of satisfaction about organizing everything in my life. That is why my position as Conference & Functions Co-ordinator, where I am continuously organising successful events, gives me so much satisfaction.

Growing up in a small seaside town I was first introduced to hospitality at the age of 12 in a local takeaway shop serving plentiful amounts of fish and chips. Throughout high school I worked in the local café learning some valuable customer service skills and then I decided to attain a trade in Hairdressing. I learnt a lot more about customer relations but also precision and organisation! After some years in hairdressing I felt I needed a challenge and found myself drawn back into the hospitality world.

I have been extremely lucky to experience many areas of hospitality from Guest Services to Corporate Business Development Management. It was however after attending numerous trade shows and events that I fell in love with the buzz and excitement and decided I want to create fabulous events and have my guests feel the same excitement and buzz that I did.

I look forward to organizing the perfect event for you!