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Festivities by Fire Light


One of the biggest trends in modern wedding ambiance is the introduction of candlelight as a primary source of luminosity. Adding a dramatic, romantic touch to your wedding, candlelight can set the mood for a special, welcoming ceremony and a graceful, refined reception celebration.

Warm Up Your Winter Wedding

Bringing the delicate whips of warm flames to the atmosphere gives a soft, ethereal tone to any wedding day. This glow illuminates the bride in radiance and class. The delicate and dainty elegance of a candle’s beam offers a gentle, muted light that creates an intimate ambiance for you, your spouse and your guests.

Representative Candlelight

To many people candlelight can be quite significant. It can represent the love your partner gives that lights up your world (or vice-versa). It can demonstrate the warmth you feel for your loved ones and can be seen to wipe out the darkness, representing the joy and brightness your partner brings. Candles can also represent the igniting of passion between two lovers.

Include A Symbolic Unity Candle in Your Ceremony

A Unity Candle is a beautiful way to signify the eternal bond between newlyweds. This tradition has many variations but the most common is when the bride and groom each take a lit candle (generally lit by their parents to signify the passing of generations and familial bonds) and both simultaneously light one large “Unity Candle.” This is a simple and symbolic way to bring candlelight into your wedding as an atmospheric theme.

There is also a beautiful variation on this tradition wherein each guest is given a candle on arrival but only one is lit. The guests share the flame until they all have a burning candle, the parents of the bride and groom then will generally light a candle for their children, which the bride and groom will then use to light their Unity Candle. This represents the unity of family and friends in support of the marriage.

Mount Lofty House by Candlelight

Mount Lofty House plays host to beautiful candlelit weddings all winter through. Brides and grooms alike can’t go past the dreamy intimacy of this beautiful theme. The elegance and style of an open flame combined with the stunning brilliance of the Piccadilly Valley as a backdrop leaves guest in awe and makes for beautiful wedding photography. Get in touch with a representative from Mount Lofty House today to see what we can do for your special day.

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