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The Perfect Winter Retreat


When it’s cold outside, here are a few lavish luxuries to ease the morose of the dusky grey skies.

Warmth exuding from the hearth of an open fire…

As the sun recedes over the crest of the hills and the evening chill rolls in, the sound of sizzling and popping snatches at the silence of the room. Stillness is only broken by the flickering gold flames licking up the chimney’s flue. Warmth pervades the room, while outside delicate icy caps begin to form on the thick blades of grass. You’re cosy and safe behind the antique brick walls. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as cuddling up inside on a cold winter’s day in front of a roaring, crackling open fire.

The classic opulence of a leather chesterfield lounge…

As the fire continues to smoulder, settle in for the royal treatment on a lush, regal chesterfield lounge. In the historical ambience, you produce your specs and your latest literary discovery and snuggle up for an evening of imagination, escaping to another world — a world of words.

The humbling blush of a rich mulled wine…

You can feel the heat as you bring the mug to your lips and the ruby red liquid dances, tingling across your mouth. The floral scent lingers as the warmth of the liquid percolates through your body and you feel a sense of total comfort and joy. The rich flavours and warming stimulation of a beautiful mulled wine make those cold nights bearable.

Luxurious hot chocolate to melt the soul…

If an alcoholic beverage is not to your taste, instead reach for your mug of thick, hot chocolate. As the sweet milk hits your tongue, the flavour blooms across your tastebuds in decedent intensity. The effect is immediate, thawing you to the core and leaving you feeling soft, warm and totally satisfied.

Enjoy all this and more at Mount Lofty House

For many, winter is a difficult season to get through. At Mount Lofty House, we understand exactly what you need to make your winter escape as cosy, inviting and relaxing as we can for you. The Arthur Waterhouse Lounge is a common area of the dapper and lavish Mount Lofty House and offers all this and more. You can simply relax or enjoy a meal in comfort and style. Whether staying for the weekend, the week or simply visiting for the day, you can enjoy the antiquities of this time-honoured establishment.

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