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March 5, 2018
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Ways to Enhance Your Summer Wedding


8 Ways to make your Summer Wedding memorable
Whether you’re young or old, everyone loves to attend a beautiful wedding during the summertime. Simply sipping on some champagne, under the sunshine on a warm day whilst sharing delicious canapes with your loved ones is a sure-fire way to celebrate spending the rest of your life with the one you love. To find out some fun ways to make your summertime wedding engaging and full of beautiful and unforgettable memories, read on.

1. Consider lightweight linen suits and waistcoats over heavy suits for the groom and groomsmen in summer. Summer in Australia can get warm. Really warm. To keep your groom and groomsmen happy, have them wear lighter materials to avoid them being uncomfortable during the day.

2. Stick with seasonal summer flowers and natives, as they hold up better in the warmer weather. Some examples of flowers that you ought to incorporate into your summer wedding include hydrangeas, kangaroo paws, lotus flowers, water lilies, freesias, and delphiniums.

3. Have some fun with refreshing cocktails for post-ceremony entertainment. For some extra fun with cocktails, create some themed cocktails that represent the couple and some of their most memorable experiences together.

4. Remember to provide chilled water for outdoor ceremonies. Give it a bit of flare with splashes of fruit, fun glasses and colorful straws. This is a benefit, not only for those who don’t drink alcoholic beverages but also because the effects of drinking alcohol can be exacerbated by being under the sun. Having a few fruit water hydration stations is a great idea to keep your guests happy and hydrated.

5. Incorporate umbrellas into your ceremony. Set them up for your guests and organise parasols for the bridesmaids. Setting up umbrellas is brilliant because it gives your guests protection from the harsh sun and can add some color to your wedding and reception setups.

6. Offer cool canapes and starters for your guests. Consider setting up an oyster bar on ice – this will help in creating a relaxed, luxurious and cool atmosphere for your guests as soon as they enter.

7. Have your ceremony start later in the day, when higher temperatures have passed. This will lessen the chance of your guests being uncomfortable during an outdoor ceremony.

8. Consider a ‘food truck’ concept for your wedding reception. After your formal wedding ceremony, invite your guests to a more relaxed environment where they can take off their high heels, lounge around outdoors, and have a selection of food trucks to cater for their meals and desserts.

If you’re looking for further inspiration to make your wedding an experience last a lifetime, get in touch with our team and we’ll help you make your wedding day visions come to life. Send in an email or phone us at (08) 8130 9266.

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