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What to drink during Xmas lunch?

Our sommelier Liinaa Berry explains what you can do to level up your Christmas lunch. One of the best ways to curate a selection for your xmas table is to think about what wines you would serve for each course and serve them gradually, hence setting up a mood for delectable surprises.

You can impress your guests without having to spend too much, Liinaa says. Putting a bit of thought into it can be extremely rewarding and you will earn the respect of your convives. As Robert Mondavi once said: ‘Wine is the only beverage that feeds the body, soul and spirit of man and at the same time stimulates the mind…’

It doesn’t have to be snobbish but it can conquer a whole new level of hospitality chez vous. And you don’t need to be super knowledgeable about it either.

First thing first. It is always nice to start with a gin and tonic or a great local sparkling that embraces that festive mood. Daosa Natural Reserve NV – Piccadilly Valley, Adelaide Hills $44

Daosa is a stunning sparkling and shows how expertly crafted local methode traditionnelle can be. It is also much better to spend on something locally made like Deviation Road Beltana Blanc de Blancs if you are looking for something more premium than spend on the cheaper mass produced Champagne bottles out there.

If you want French and good French certainly, then Liinaa strongly recommends Louis Roederer. If you want something off the beaten path that is so ridiculously delicious that it forces your guests to ask you what on earth is in their glass, then you can show off with some grower champagne. Bereche et Fils Brut Reserve NV at $110 a bottle. Great value and so so tasty!