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July 18, 2017
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August 24, 2017
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Winter in the Hills


The sun begins to rise over the rolling hills of Mt. Lofty as your eyes flitter open to the new day.

No work today.

You roll over and pull the thick doona up around your shoulders and, as you slowly gain consciousness, your eyes behold the spectacular view through the stunning picture windows.

Romantic fog streaks the skyline as wisps of mist settle on the orchards and vineyards below. The crispness of the air is visible from the sparkling dew that flecks the greenery and the steam that rises from the vibrant earth. It’s fresh and frosty outside but you’re warm and cosy beneath your swathe of bed sheets, with nowhere to go and nothing pressing to do. You relax into the soft bed, allowing the marshmallow surface to draw you in.

You are in the Adelaide Hills in winter and you are wonderfully content.

Experience the natural beauty of the Mt. Lofty Ranges

The Adelaide Hills in winter is a beautiful and memorable experience to have. Feel like the king of the world looking down from the hills as the fog and mist rests on the valleys below. Allow time to stand still with the peaceful tranquillity and serenity of your mountain escape and enjoy the quiet stillness of the brisk highland air. There is no better place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. Stay inside all weekend long or brave the cold to experience the natural landscape up close on a brisk walk to get your blood pumping.

Winter Reds Weekend 2017

If you are a lover of wine, this year the Winter Reds Weekend will be held from 28-30th July. General admission is free and, with over 30 wineries participating to create a festival of daytime and evening events, you won’t want to miss out. Winter Reds has also taken our valued designated drivers into consideration, providing a complimentary non-alcoholic drink, when you present your wristband. This is a great event that will give you a real taste for the produce of the region.

Mount Lofty House Accommodation Deal

Contributing to and supporting this cultural festival brewing in the Adelaide Hills, Mount Lofty House are offering an / package in conjunction with the Winter Reds Weekend. Enhance your experience and get in touch with a representative from this iconic, historical site to take advantage of the spectacular views overlooking the Piccadilly Valley wineries.

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